Climatology Centre

20_climatology centre

The project is a Climatology centre with offices, exhibition spaces, accommodation and a restaurant/ café. The site for the building is in southern Spain. The aim of the building is that it will utilize the sites recourses. The building has been designed to capture the air movements during day, night cooling, to capture the winter rain for use in the building and also the creation of a large area of photovoltaic panels for energy collection.

The building has a close connection to the hillside landscape. The building’s shape is based on the forms created by the tectonic plates that originally formed this area of Spain. The long thin building form allows for good air flow. The natural air flow up and down the slope is utilised to ventilate the building. In the living accommodation area of the building, the double roofs aid ventilation and reduce direct heat gain. In the exhibition spaces the photovoltaic roofs also provide deflected light into the spaces below. In atrium space there are large rainwater stores for winter storage for use in the summer.

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