Eco tourism accommodation

17_eco tourismHawaii is a state made up entirely of islands, found in the central Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental USA, southeast of Japan, and northeast of Australia. The site Napili Bay is one of the bays located on the north-western coast of Maui. The tree house was designed to have minimal impact on the tree and it’s environmentally sensitive surroundings.

The traditional Hawaiin Lauhala leaf weaving influenced the design. The timber floor structure will have stainless steel connections to the walkway. The roof has a series of openable thatch panels. A double layer is used to make them waterproof. Roll up timber blinds provide shading and allow ventilation. A waterless all-in-one w.c unit will be installed directly onto the bathroom floor. They are completely self contained; these compact stand-alone units require no water or external plumbing. An inverted umbrella rainwater collector will be used to collect water for use in a low flow shower. For cooking a Field Kitchen with propane stove will be used.

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