Lifeguard Look Out

22_lifeguard look outThe project is a Lifeguard look out treehouse which is attached to a palm tree.
Hawaii is a state made up entirely of islands, found in the central Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental USA, southeast of Japan, and northeast of Australia. The site Hanauma Bay forms part of a nature reserve on the Oahu Island.

The tree house/ lifeguard look out was designed to have minimal impact on the tree and it’s environmentally sensitive surroundings. The traditional Hawaiin Lauhala Weaving also influenced the design. In Hawaii they weave, plait, or braid Lauhala leaves to create useful items such as baskets, mats and hats, these methods will be used in the treehouse. Locally sourced timber will be used to construct the shelter.

All 3 connection points to a tree are in the form of a stainless steel sleeves which are adjustable. The louvered roof and sides provide shading to the shelter.

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